Marius Radean


Welcome to my personal webpage!






My software

Below is the list of software I developped, alonside a short description and the most recent version.

Direct instalation in Stata

If this is the first time you are installing user-written programs from internet, you may find it useful to read the official Stata documentation. There you can find details about the commands used below as well as information about the directories where the downloaded packages should be installed.

To open the content page telling you about the available software packages on my website, type the following in Stata’s command window

. net from

To open the package-description page detailing one of the listed packages and how to install the associated component files, type net describe followed by the package name. pkgname may be any of the available software packages, ie, ginteff.pkg, ginteffplot.pkg, or sdii.pkg.

. net describe pkgname

If you decide that one of the packages might prove useful, you can install the official files (the ado-file and help file) by typing net install followed by the package name.

. net install pkgname

To get the ancillary file (the user’s manual in PDF format), type net get followed by the package name.

. net get pkgname

Note: Instead of typing net describe, net install, or net get command lines, you can alternatively click on the links provided on the content and package-description pages.

Download a copy as a zip package

If you do not wish to install the software now and prefer to download a copy on your computer, you can do so by clicking on the respective package below. Each ZIP folder contains three files: 1) an ado-file (the actual program file), 2) the associated Stata help file, and 3) the user’s manual in PDF format.